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Big Wood Slabs

Our Big Wood Slabs are milled, kiln-dried, and planed at our shop in Fentress, Texas. We have many beautiful live-edged pieces of different varieties that are available for any project.

We also have many local carpenters and woodworkers from the Austin, San Antonio, and Houston areas that can design and build your dream project for you. Check out our list of Trusted Woodworkers below.

- Offered Dimensions: 

3ft21ft lengths x 1ft 4ft widths

(Slabs are usually planed around 2” thick; inventory changes frequently)

- Varieties Carried: Pecan, Black Walnut, Mesquite, Cypress, Live Oak, Claro Walnut, Eastern Red Cedar, Mountain Cedar, Hackberry

- Prices: $150 - $3,500 depending on the size and characteristics of the piece.



Our lumber is sourced from locally and responsibly harvested native Texas trees. All our lumber is milled, kiln-dried, and planed/edged at our mill in Fentress, Texas. 

We sell our random-width kiln-dried lumber in the following forms:

- Rough Cut Straight or Live Edge

- S2S Straight or Live Edge

- S3S Straight or Live Edge

- S4S Straight Edge

Varieties Carried & $/BF Rough Cut:

  • Pecan ($6.50/BF)

  • Cedar Elm ($6.50/BF)

  • Cypress ($6.50/BF)

  • Mountain Cedar ($6.50/BF)

  • Live Oak ($6.50/BF)

  • Walnut ($12/BF)

  • Mesquite ($14.50/BF)

- Wood Machining BF Price Additions

  • S2S (+ $4.00/BF)

  • S3S (+ $4.50/BF)

  • S4S (+ $5.00/BF)

Example: S3S Pecan Lumber would cost $11.00/BF.

Offered Dimensions:

  • Length - Usually varies from 2-10'

  • Width - Usually varies from 6-14"

  • Rough Cut Thickness - 1.25", 1.5", 2.25"

  • 2"+ thickness for mantle pieces



Our firewood comes from milled log drops and smaller tree limbs. Our firewood is cut, split, and stacked at our mill onto 1/3 cord wrapped pallets that we can load straight onto a truck or trailer. We also sell firewood by the piece.

-Varieties Carried (Seasonal):

  • Hackberry, Elm ($200.00/pallet)

  • Pecan, Oak ($200.00/pallet)

  • Mesquite ($250.00/pallet)

  • Hand Load$0.90/piece (hackberry, elm, pecan, oak); $1.00/piece (mesquite)

Prices do not include tax

Stock is seasonal - call for availability

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