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This 100-piece Texas Timber set is made from pecan wood from our lumber mill and is a unique timber stacking toy set that encourages endless hours of open-ended creative fun for children ages 4 and up (and adults, too)!


This set includes a variety of different pieces used to lay out foundations, walls, windows, gables, and roofs. Get creative in your building by adding gaps in the walls for windows, doorways and hallways, and use any extra pieces to accent your structure with fences, porches, benches, balconies, awnings and more.

Builder's Set (100pcs)

  • Recommended Age

    4 years +

  • Toy Components & Wood Varieties

    Pecan: Timber 1s (30); Timber 1 Halves (8); Timber 2s (15); Timber 2 Halves (13); Timber 3s (15); Timber 3 Halves (13)

    Eastern Red Cedar: Windows (1); Gable 2s (2); Gable 3s (3)

  • Finish

    NSF approved and unscented food-grade mineral oil

    This selected mineral oil is non-toxic and is used extensively in human-contact products such as in moisturizers, oil-based makeup removers, baby oil substitutes, and on wooden cutting boards and utensils.

  • Sawmill Sources

    Swift River Pecans LLC:

    Southwest Trading Post:

  • Warnings

    Choking Hazard: Small parts not for children under 3 years or any individuals who have a tendency to place small objects in their mouths.


    Splinter Hazard: Splinters may occur on product.

  • Manufacturer

    The Happy Quacker LLC

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