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Lumber Mill Services

You might know him as Chuck, but around here he's known as the


Charleston (Chuck) Jackson completed the NHLA Lumber Inspector Training School in Memphis, TN in 2020 and is a Certified Lumber Grader. 

Chuck is our head Sawyer at our mill and can custom Mill, Kiln-Dry, and Plane your lumber. Click on the buttons below to learn more!

Custom Milling

Lumber Mill Services

Have your own wood? Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.


Before you bring your log to our shop, give us a call with your desired dimensions for the cuts and the overall plan for your wood so we can properly guide you to the end product you want.

Your log will be cut on one of two of our saws depending on the diameter of the tree. Hover over the boxes below to see the specifications and rates we charge for our Custom Milling Services.

For Logs ≤ 28" in Diameter
Log Master Sawmill
Log Master Sawmill Rate
(28" max diameter)
$100 extra charge for foreign objects hit/per occurrence
(min $85)
Wood-Mizer WM 1000 Sawmill
WM 1000 Sawmill Rate
(64" max diameter)
$150 extra charge for foreign objects hit/per occurrence
$295/Hour(min $150)
For Logs between 28" - 64" in Diameter


There are five main reasons why it is important to have your wood properly dried before you start creating your project:


Kiln DryingAsset 5
Kiln DryingAsset 9
Kiln DryingAsset 8
Kiln DryingAsset 7
Kiln DryingAsset 6

We have three lumber kilns (the largest holding 14,000 board feet), and we charge a flat rate of:

$1.75 per Board Foot

Your wood will remain in the kiln for approximately ten weeks. Call as soon as possible to have your pieces dried since there is usually a wait-list to get your wood into the kiln.



Bring your wood slabs to have them planed flat and free of any warps so your piece can be level and ready to work with. We can plane pieces up to 4' (W) x 18' (L). 


We charge a flat rate of:

$6.00 per Square Foot

1080p (5)_edited.jpg
Kiln Drying
Wood Planing
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