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Our Story

It all started with soil, a sapling, and some TLC, and from those humble beginnings, we grew our branches to become Swift River Pecans. We started growing and harvesting pecans in 1998, and since then, we have planted and or grafted over 1000 pecan trees in our two orchards and have opened a retail store where we sell pecans, lumber, big wood slabs, firewood, and other related products and services.

Everything we produce, from our award-winning pecans to our local honey, comes from along the San Marcos River, so you can trust that local and fresh is what we do best. Year-round, rain or shine, we’re your Texas pecan people.


Our Orchards

We have two farms totaling 266 acres located in Caldwell County, Texas. Our two pecan orchards include over 1,000 planted and or grafted pecan trees of 13 different varieties and close to 1,000 native pecan trees. Our native pecan trees were planted by mother nature and some are over 100 feet tall and over 100 years old.

Both of our orchards are located along the San Marcos River and are home to abundant animal and plant-life. An example of this includes our honey bees in our Fentress Orchard which help pollinate our local Texas wildflowers.

We usually do not offer walk-in orchard tours, but have conducted many tours for larger educational and pecan industry groups of 20 to 60 people.

Screenshot_2019-06-20 Pecan Harvesting a

Pecan Memberships

SRP is a proud supporter of the following organizations.

  • Current President of the Texas Pecan Board

  • Current Vide President of the Texas Pecan Growers Association

  • Member of Texas Pecan Growers Association since 2001

  • Supporter of the American Pecan Council

  • Previous Member of the National Pecan Shellers Association

  • Supporter of the Texas Pecan Board

  • GoTexan Member

Industry Accomplishments

A list of Swift River Pecans' industry accomplishments.

  • 66 acre farm owner/operator since 1998

  • 197 acre farm owner/operator since 2004

  • Establishment of two pecan orchards which combined contain over 1,000 irrigated trees including 13 different varieties

  • Management and custom harvesting of approximately 800 acres of improved and native pecans along the San Marcos River since 2002

  • Host of the 2010 and 2016 Texas Pecan Growers Association (TPGA) convention field trip. Also hosted a TPGA convention walk in 2021. Troy Swift has attended most TPGA conventions since 2002

Employee Education

SRP's Employees and Managers have the following education.

  • Troy Swift attended the 2000 Texas A&M Pecan Short Course

  • Charleston (Chuck) Jackson and Jeremy Huebner attended the 2018 Texas A&M Pecan Short Course; Athanasee Swift, Richard Reyes, and Scott Norman attended the 2019 Texas A&M Pecan Short Course; Austin Russo attended the 2021 Texas A&M Pecan Short Course.

  • Regularly attend instructional “Field Day” classes presented by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

  • Troy Swift has attended instructional classes at most Texas Pecan Growers Association Annual Conventions since 2002

  • Charleston Jackson attended instructional classes at the 2014 Texas Pecan Growers Association Annual Convention; William Correll attended instructional classes at the 2021 Texas Pecan Growers Association Annual Convention.

  • Continuous study and review the Texas Pecan Handbook and Pecan South Magazine

  • Scott Norman has completed training and been certified for Food Safety HACCP for Retail Food Establishments in 2021.

Pecan Credentials and Memberships

About: List

Lumber Credentials and Memberships

Lumber Memberships

  • Member of the National Hardwood Association from 2014 to 2021

Milling Equipment

A list of Swift River Pecans' current milling equipment.

  • 3 sawmills including: The Wood-Mizer WM 1000, Log Master band saw, and the Peterson ASM (swingblade) used for planning slabs

  • Three lumber-drying kilns with a total capacity of 27,200 board feet

  • Laguna 25" feed finish planer

  • SawStop table saw 

  • Laguna 20" jointer

Employee Education

SRP's Employees and Managers have the following education.

  • Charleston (Chuck) Jackson completed the NHLA Lumber Inspector Training School in Memphis, TN in 2020.

  • Troy Swift, Owner of Swift River Pecans, attended the 2015 National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) Conference in Nashville, TN. 

  • Troy Swift and Nathan Reynolds, Sawyer, attended instructional classes at the 2015 Ohio Forestry Association Show in Cambridge, OH for Kiln Drying, Lumber Grading and Sawing for Grade.

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