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Bat Surveys & Events

This page houses all surveys, reports, data, and events from our efforts to utilize Texas Native Bats in controlling Pecan Orchard Pests. 

Bat Survey

A bat string trap developed by Merlin Tuttle to safely catch bats for identification purposes being installed in our Native Pecan Orchard.

Bat Capture and Acoustic Survey

SRP Fentress Orchard
4/17/22 - 4/23/22

Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation and Bat Survey Solutions LLC collaborated for a week long bat capture and acoustic survey in our Native and Improved Pecan Orchards in Fentress, TX along the San Marcos River.


Join the Nightlife! - Educational Workshop

Bracken Cave, Courtyard by Marriot San Marcos, SRP Fentress Orchard
9/22/22 - 9/24/22     Event Concluded

Get immersed in the amazing world of bats in this hand-on experience with leading experts. Learn bat house building, bat mist netting and acoustics, sustainable agriculture techniques, and so much more!

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