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Healthy Soil for Healthy Pecans

Our goal is to produce the highest quality pecans found in Texas. We believe the best way to achieve that goal is to care for our pecan trees, and that all starts with caring for the soil.

We work with Rhizos LLC to take biological samples of our compost and pecan orchard soil. Rhizos then identifies the levels of beneficial microorganisms in our samples and makes recommendations on how we can promote a healthy soil environment for our trees. We invite you to look under the microscope with us and marvel at the microscopic life present in our soil and compost.

We have been implementing Regenerative Farming Practices in our pecan orchards for several years now and have worked with several organizations to help us in our regenerative journey. Click below to learn more about our use of bats, composting, and other regenerative farming practices.

Soil LifeVideos
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