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Shelled Pecans                              In-Shell Pecans

Halves   $14.00 lb.                       5 lbs.      $25.00
Pieces    $12.00 lb.

Swift River Pecans, LLC is your source for high quality in-shell and shelled pecans.  Right here in Fentress, Texas we harvest, clean, shell and package our pecans.  Stop by for a tour and pick up some of our award winning pecans!

Kinloch Pecan Oil
100% Natural Virgin Pecan Oil is the healthy oil for the everyday gourmet!  We stock a variety of sizes of pecan oil for your use. Visit for more information.
250 ml (8.45 oz)           $10.95
500 ml (16.9 oz)           $16.95
750 ml (25.36 oz)        $22.25
1,000 ml (33.81 oz)    $27.75
128 oz (1 G)                   $65.00

Kinloch Balsamic Vinegar
Pure Italian Aceto Balsamico Di Modea I.G.P.
The taste of Italy for the everyday gourmet.
250 ml (8.45 oz)           $16.95


Pecan Awards

2017 Pecan Show Results
Guadalupe County Pecan Show
*  Grand Champion – Kanza
*  1st Place Caddo, Desirable, Kanza, Lakota, Oconee
*  2nd Place Nacono

2016 Pecan Show Results
State Show
*  2nd Place Caddo, Nacono
*  3rd Place Oconee
Guadalupe County Pecan Show
*  1st Place Caddo, Nacono, Oconee & Kanza
2016 East Texas Regional Pecan Show
*  1st Place Caddo & Nacono
*  3rd Place Oconee

2015 East Texas Regional Show
*  1st Place Nacono
*  3rd Place Kanza
2014 State Pecan Show
*  1st Place Waco
*  2nd Place Kanza
2014 Regional Pecan Show
* 1st Place Hopi, Waco
* 3rd Place Desirable, Cheyenne, Kanza, Oconee
2014 County Pecan Show
* 1st Place Waco, Hopi, Cheyenne, Desirable, Kanza, Caddo,
Nacono, Pawnee
* 2nd Place Oconee
* 3rd Place Sioux
2013 State Pecan Show
* 1st Place Kanza, Commercial Division
2013 Regional Pecan Show
* 1st Place Oconee
* 2nd Place Kanza, Sioux
* 3rd Place Nacono
2013 County Pecan Show
* 1st Place Oconee, Pawnee, Kanza
* 2nd Place Nacono, Sioux

Credentials & Memberships
• Board Member of Texas Pecan Growers Association
• Member of Texas Pecan Growers Association since 2001
• 66 acre farm owner/operator since 1998
• 197 ac farm owner/operator since 2004
• Establishment of two pecan orchards which combined contain 1,000 irrigated trees including Desireable, Pawnee, Nacono, Oconee, Sioux, Caddo, Lakota and Kanza
• Management and custom harvesting of approximately 800 acres of improved and native pecans along the San Marcos River since 2002
• Host of the 2010 Texas Pecan Growers Association convention field trip
• Attended the 2000 Texas A&M Pecan Short Course
• Regularly attend instructional “Field Day” classes presented by the Texas Pecan Growers Association
• Troy Swift has attended instructional classes at the 2002,2004,2005,2007,2010, 2012, 2014,2015 Texas Pecan Growers Association Annual Conventions
• Troy Swift and Charleston Jackson (aka Chuck) attended instructional classes at the 2014 Texas Agrilife Extension
• Continuous study and review the Texas Pecan Handbook and Pecan South Magazine

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