Firewood & BBQ Chunks

BBQ Chunks                                 $37.00
1/4 Cord Pallet                            $65.00
1/3 Cord Pallet                            $85.00
Cord (3Pallets)                            $240.00
*a cord is 128 cubic ft of stacked wood.
** other species available occasionally.

Delivery is not available at this time.

firewood4[2]Harvesting large logs and preparing native pecan river bottoms for pecan harvest produces an abundance of wood that is superior as firewood and BBQ wood.  Pecan and Mesquite have very good reputations for both purposes. We cut, split and stack our firewood on pallets.  Some pieces are not split if already the right size. Some are straight edged off of our sawmill. We have traditional split firewood stacked on pallets (1/4 TO 1/3 cord) that we easily load onto your truck bed or trailer.

We also have bags of BBQ Chunks which are edge trimmings from lumber manufacture that are great for adding real wood flavor to your cooking.

  • Free loading of pallets on your pickup or trailer when possible
  • You pick your pallets
  • Our pallets are stacked tight. You are truly getting the portion of a cord we state.  Watch out for loose stacks at our area competitors
  • Pallets are generally 1/3 cord* or 43 cubic ft
  • 1/4 cord* is also available on pallets
  • Smaller quantities available by hand load

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